7 questions and answers to korean brides

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7 Questions & Answers to Korean Brides

Korea has a rich culture and history of marriage. As such, brides from Korea have a lot of questions and queries that they need answers to before they make up their mind to get married. In this article, we answer seven of the most commonly asked questions about Korean brides.

1. What Types of Brides Are Typically Found In Korea?

Korean brides come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. You will find a wide variety of brides from rural villages, urban cities, and even mothers. Some brides may come from conservative backgrounds while others may have had more freedom in terms of style or religion. It is not uncommon to find a mixture of cultures due to transnational marriages.

2. What Kinds of Expectations Should I Have of a Korean Bride?

When it comes to expectations, all Korean brides have the same basic expectations: love, respect, trust, and loyalty. The bride may also have some cultural or traditional expectations of a marriage partner, but these will be discussed between the two beforehand. Additionally, Korean brides may expect a bridegroom of similar or higher social status than they are.

3. What Types of Clothing Do Korean Brides Wear?

Korean brides typically wear hanbok, a traditional Korean dress. The color of the hanbok may depend on what type of wedding it is, such as white for a regular wedding, and red and gold for a more traditional ceremonial wedding. Additionally, the bride may add accessories or layers to her hanbok to suit her cultural or religious beliefs.

4. What Are the Traditional Wedding Ceremony Customs in Korea?

Korean traditional weddings usually consist of a few parts. First, the betrothal ceremony takes place, where the bride and groom exchange gifts and ceremonial bows. After this is done, the bride and groom will partake in a wedding ceremony, which is attended by family and close friends. At the end of the ceremony, a feast is held, and the newlywed couple bows to each other to show their love and respect for each other.

5. How Will a Korean Bride Depend on Her Family After Marriage?

It is not uncommon for a Korean bride to remain dependent on her family after getting married. She may rely on her family for financial and emotional support in uncertain times. Additionally, a Korean bride may also look to her husband for most decisions, such as when to start a family or where to move.

6. What Is the Role of Marriage in Korean Society?

In Korea, marriage is seen as an important step in achieving success and social status. Marriage among the upper classes is an even more important aspect, as it can mean career advancement or even inheritance. Marriage in Korean society also often involves a transfer of wealth and other goods, so it is sometimes seen as a financial transaction as well.

7. What Other Considerations Should I Make Before Marrying a Korean Bride?

When marrying a Korean bride, there are a few things to consider in order to ensure a successful relationship. First, one should make sure that both parties are compatible in terms of cultural background and values. Additionally, it is important to establish some rules and boundaries for the relationship to ensure both parties are respected. Finally, it is important to discuss financial matters before the wedding, in order to ensure both parties are prepared for the future.


Korean brides are beautiful, strong-willed, and often come from traditional backgrounds. Before making the commitment to marry a Korean bride, it is important to consider the various factors such as types of brides, expectations of the bride, types of clothing, traditional wedding customs, and roles of marriage in Korean society. By understanding the culture of Korean brides, you can ensure that your marriage will be meaningful and long-lasting.

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